When people in movies run directly away from the train / boulder / truck / etc instead of just like, taking two steps to the side of it

OH NO A GIGANTIC TREE FALLING OVER *runs away directly along its length*

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"Please, remember me."

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Russian medical record written in cursive

you say russian and i raise you chinese

Chinese doctors' handwriting

*gasp of horror*


alright but

Hebrew tho

i refuse to believe any of this translates to anything

do you still believe in love, I wonder?

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No, but what the fuck, Metatron making references to subtext and to the viewer’s interpretations being as valid as the writers and calling Dean Cas’ boytoy and then says, “The problem with having well-drawn characters is that sometimes they surprise you.”

I’m not saying Destiel but fucking DESTIEL


this movie ruined me goodbye

Anonymous whispered: do the babbus wear diapers or are they asgardian-potty trained? is there a team of diaper changers that work non-stop changing the diapers?? does loki sew the babbus names onto all their teeny tiny pairs of underwear so they don't get mixed up? and can you imagine how small the underwear/diapers are for all those tiny marshmallow tushies.




maybe the diapers have wings and just fly off to dispose themselves

maybe babbus dont poop

theres gotta be a simpler way to handle 30000 butts.

they poop tiny inanimate marshmallows. at first it kept piling up and they had no idea what to do. it was an impending crisis of marshmallow poop. then Jane and Darcy visited and started freaking out over how many marshmallows they had. ‘why don’t you sell them on earth?’ Jane had suggested. Loki was side-eyeing her so hard. but they did sell them on earth and established a secret trade route selling babbu poo to stupid midgardians. at first it was a small mystery why the heck anyone would buy them. then one day Thor and Loki visited Midgard and figured it out.

none of their Midgard friends can figure out why Thor and Loki refuse to drink hot chocolate. they figure it’s just an Asgardian thing or a matter of preference. except for Clint. Clint figured it out and it haunts him to this day.

oh my god


tumblr reacts to the how i met your mother series finale part 2

part 1

part 3

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